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Saw The Muppets and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, will post Sherlock review later.

Muppets hit the nostalgia button for me hard (so many obscure Muppets!), but at the same time, I think it has some of the same problems as what happened in Muppets from Space and Muppet Wizard of Oz. I know people have their opinions and my opinion rarely follows the general consensus, but it just felt that they tried too hard to be "hip" at times instead of letting the Muppet charm flow naturally.
Muppets aren't hip. Muppets are a class unto themselves. You deviate from that and try to change them into something "cool", they lose something in the transition.

I know you're not supposed to take it seriously, it's a freakin Muppet movie, and they've mentioned more than once that the 4th wall is more like a transparent sheet of sugar glass, but still I can't shake this feeling that it just fall short on the awesome Muppet movie list. It's sweet but I just don't feel it has enough substance to really make me feel happy. The Muppet Movie was awesome. Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island was awesome.
Even though there were funny parts, those movies had genuine dark and heartwarming moments. It took itself and it's humor seriously. It took the characters and their meaning seriously.
This... not quite.

*Here follows the ramblings of a Muppet fan, thar be spoilers ahead!*

Why was it necessary to have human protagonists? Seriously, you guys are taking away valuable screen time from the guys I've come to actually watch for.

I gasped when I saw the rusty Electric Mayhem tour bus. Could it really be the one and the same actual bus?

Gasped again when I saw Uncle Deadly, who was probably the first of the obscure Muppets to return.

Got bright eyed during the Pictures in My Head segment, especially when Electric Mayhem played. Oh god guys, how I missed your jams...
Steve was brilliant in that song and it was the only song that was instantly beloved when I saw it on screen. (the rest of the songs take a bit warming up to.)

I gasped when Rowlf talked. And squeaked. And got all bright eyed. Oh Brown Ears, how I've missed you and your Cottleston Pie...

Robin doesn't get any lines? I honestly wouldn't mind if Robin had replaced Walter as the guy that brought the Muppets back together. It would mean all the more since Robin has always looked up to his Uncle and the rest of the Muppets and would give Robin a chance in the spotlight to find his true talent.  And now I've made myself a little bit sad at the missed movie of Awesomeness.
Walter sorta annoys me, but who knows? I'm known to change my mind.

I honestly wonder what Frank Oz would say about this movie? Or Jerry Nelson?

I wonder how come the Sesame Street Muppeteers didn't get to help out with the movie? I was at least hoping Kevin Clash would bring along Clifford and his wicked awesome shades.

I was severely disappointed that the Electric Mayhem didn't get their own number. And I was hoping they'd include Janice with another one of her awkward silence one liners. Actually I was hoping a lot more for the Electric Mayhem. :(

Some more Floyd and Animal interaction would've been nice, especially at the bringing back Animal scene. Wasn't Floyd supposed to be Animal's caretaker and all? Wouldn't he be a little bit miffed that some lady think she knows what's best for Animal more than him?

And how come the chickens get to do an awesome song cover and not the Electric Mayhem?!
The only thing that sorta cheered me up (and this is me being a stupid fangirl here) is that Zoot and Janice appeared close together more than Floyd and Janice. Don't get me wrong, I ain't hatin on Floyd and Janice, just that I found early Muppet Show Zoot and Janice as a flirty couple so plum adorable.

Gonzo's Factory exploding seems kinda off to me. You'd have thought that something outrageous like having the factory flood with bubbles and then explode would be more his style.
In fact, I was hoping Gonzo to be more weird in this movie. He was actually... pretty mild in weirdness. :\

Kinda surprised at how little screen time some of the important Muppets had. Like Bunsen. Wouldn't he have a spare nuclear battery made of potatoes for when the power get's cut? Gonzo had way too few lines and I don't think I've heard Rizzo speak at all. You'd have thought that Rizzo would've stuck around as Gonzo's right hand man or something. At least Pepe had a speaking part.

Also the lack of mingling and character interactions and funny background events. Everything seems to be chopped joke by joke instead of flowing naturally and bouncing off each other. The magic of the Muppets was that they were so extremely natural in their conversations and interactions.

Some of the actual puppets looked a little iffy. I kept getting constantly distracted by Fozzie's "graying" eyebrows and Gonzo's constant half lidded sleepy eyes, Doctor Teeth's glasses are way too low and thus can't be used as "eyelids" properly, and Sam really needs a trim around the "ears".
I don't know if MahnaMahna showed up proper, but what I've seen of him so far, has he lost the mechanisms that let him blink? :(

Kinda sad that Trumpet Girl (I call her Alice in my headcanon) is missing from the band pit and Lips is once again a background character. But heck, we got freaking Nigel back! *squee* I don't think I've seen Pops though...

Ok something positive or else I'll sound that I hated the movie, most of the new voice replacements were amazing. Scooter and Floyd especially.

Wayne and Wanda were hilarious, especially when one remembers that Sam had declared them as a "clean and wholesome" act back in the day.
And the return of Link and Dr. Strangepork was awesome as well.

Why is Bobo always cast as the villain? Why couldn't the villains all be humans? At least Uncle Deadly you could sorta take seriously as a villain.

Soooo Walter's talent is whistling? Was this ever hinted at all? Is it really amazingly necessary to make it a solo? Seriously? Couldn't they have built it up to another heartwarming song that isn't Rainbow Connection? Heck, I would've loved a finale version of Pictures in My Head except it ends on a happier note. Or even a medley of all the new songs as the closing number of the show.

Piggy as usual annoyed me. Does that mean the wedding in Muppets Take Manhattan is canon? Blech.

That rap gave me Muppet Wizard of Oz flashbacks. And not the good kind either. Just... so much awkward pain. :dead:

Too many covers, not enough original music that stirs the soul. And why on earth would Dr. Teeth let a cassette player play a song for him rather than have the band play it themselves? Muppets don't leave songs unscathed, they do it their own way!

Not enough penguins being thrown. But I am pleased that Exploding Harry is still around.

And is it just me, or has a lot of stuff shown in the trailers been cut from the movie?

All in all, while lovingly made, it still seems to be a fanboy movie from a fanboy perspective.
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I dislike schools because it would be a guarantee that I will get sick, especially the beginning of school year.
I really don't want to have to deal with that pile of dookie this year... :dead:
I don't think colleges allow you to have sick days, do they? blaaargh...

In other news, there is no news.
Wait, that's a lie, but I'm just too tired to state them right now.
Eeeeh... I went to food bank this morning.
Putting cans in boxes for the needy is always a great thing. Do your community service, people! They help others!

Aaaaand job hunting. Oh boy, that's like a whole 'nother can of worms.
The only places that take you in without experience is marketing and I refuse to be that desperate.
No offense to marketing people, but you are annoying. I really don't want to be you.
Maybe I should focus on getting my license first, yeah?
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I seriously dreamed that something terrible happened to my tablet (details are very fuzzy) and I end up finding it covered in what was either slime, puke, or some bizarre alien goo and that it was ruined forever.
This mishap was apparently so devastating to my psyche, it woke me up.
And then I checked my tablet to make sure it was okay.

What the hell, brain?
What on earth are you trying to tell me? :|
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Why's everything gotta be so goshdarn expensive, yo?
The class costs themselves are already evil, but there's also the books and supplies you need to get too.
And the vending machine stole my money, stupid greedy junk box.
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I wasn't the one who wanted to see the damn movie, don't you go yelling at me for not understanding how a website works.
How the hell am I supposed to know what to do if you're going to be yelling unspecific stuff at me?
What the hell does "are the times covered" supposed to mean? Why can't you just fucking ask if they had parenthesis on?
How the hell am I supposed to see the legend key all the way down the bottom of the fucking screen?
And now you're telling me I'm an idiot for not knowing what to do. Gee thanks a lot parental unit.

Now that I've ranted, I do realize that I could've been smarter and figured it out by myself, but still, I'm annoyed.
Annoyed with said parental unit, annoyed with siblings, annoyed at the fucking website for being unorganized (fuck you Yahoo, I never liked you), and annoyed at myself.
What the hell, me? Why so stupid? :frustrated:
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Yeah, it prob won't be back until next Tuesday.
Not that it matters very much. :|

EDIT: Great, now the phone's dead too.
I think I'm destined to be a hermit... :dead:
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Apparently I'm not allowed to play puzzle games with my friend anymore. XD

So every Friday, I go to my friend's house to derp around with video games, movies, cartoons, etc. or go to the malls and window shop.
A while back we found the PC version of Portal 2 at Gamestop for super cheap and, after pooling our money together, we promptly bought it.
My friend played it first and now for the past 2 or 3 Fridays, I had my turn.

And my God, do I ever sucketh.
I find out that I'm a terrible puzzle thinker, ESPECIALLY the later puzzles, from about the middle of the Cave Johnson levels to the end.
I think I drove my friend nuts and had her barely restraining herself from beaning me on the head for my near sightedness.
And the more I make stupid mistakes the more agitated I get and I end up making even stupider mistakes.

According to my friend, my problem is that I get so fixated on a supposed solution to a puzzle, that I toss up all other solutions to the wind, and keep going and going and going despite obvious failed results.
My saving grace is that I'm usually very good catching little details that would really screw me over had I missed them.
Unfortunately, when I do miss those little details, I get impossibly stuck and stand there like an oblivious idiot, overanalyzing what few pieces I've already gathered and not noticing that I've got a piece in the puzzle missing. :confused:

BUT, in my defense, there are puzzles I solved relatively faster than she did, and overall I think we finished the game at around the same time. (minus the time I spent exploring Aperature Science cuz I'm weird like that.)

So notes cuz, y'know, I'm lazy like that:

:star: I hate the Excursion Funnels. Goodness, did those things make me stupid. The moment they were introduced in the game, I lost my puzzle thinking abilities. It's as if my brain couldn't comprehend its weirdness and refused to make up any useful solutions with the Excursion Funnels. :slow:

:star: FUCKING FRAGGING FACT CORE. SCREW YOU, GLADOS, YOU PURPOSEFULLY PUT HIM IN A CONFUSING PLACE JUST TO SEE ME SUFFER, YOU POTATO-Y BITCH.  (I kept thinking I needed to use the Blue gel to bounce my way up to him, or use it in some complicated combo with the orange gel. I think I died the most during that part. :ohmygod: )

:star: I love Wheatley, he's so adorkable, even when he, er, wasn't quite himself. (mostly.) Frankly, I don't think he deserved the fate he got in the end compared to Glados. :(

:star: :la: SPAAAAAAAACE :la:

:star: must buy game when Steam has their uber sales! Must. Play. Co-op. :eager:

:star: I actually liked the Cave Johnson levels, if only because of the paint. PAINT! PAINT EVERYWHERE! WHEEE!

:star: VALVE, WHY U NO HAVE PORTAL 2 TEASER MUSIC YET?! :shakefist: *waits for 3rd volume of the OST* (they better have the wailing turret in the song, it's the best part!)

And that's it I guess. The End.



yep, still on a Daft Punk craze. Added to my list of things I must experience: Daft Punk on tour. I don't care if I can't attend to the real thing itself, just let me be a part of the fandom and appreciate their greatness! :love:

Still haven't seen TF3 yet, but I will, eventually....
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TF3: Dark of the Moon
Worth the ticket price? Worth watching online?
Explosions? Wait, it's a Bay movie, of course that's a given.
Characters? Carly?
More useless meddlesome humans running about?

Very nervous fan here, wanting very much for this movie to be awesome, but unfortunately Revenge of the Fallen still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth...
So lay it on me, don't skimp the pros and cons here.
I need to know just how high I've got to set my expectations here this round.

On an unrelated note: HOLY SHIT, why have I not listened to Daft Punk before? Why am I always so late to find out all these awesome things?! :eager:
Oh yeah, and Tf2 is free to play now guys. Like, forever.
If you haven't done it already, go get an account and play.
DO EET ----->
(You'll probably find me derping around payload most likely.)
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After a week of broken internet and very trying times, I return today to find a bunch of birthday well wishes for me.
I don't easily cry guys, but dammit, I think my eyes got all watery. :happycry:

Thanks to all you wonderful peeps who wished me a happy 20th with virtual cakes and little smileys (my God, I don't think I'll ever get used to being that age. )
Here's to a year closer to being old and crotchety! :pirate:
God bless you all for your kindness and friendship and crazy shenanigans that make me laugh.
Don't stop being awesome guys. Seriously, love you all! :heart:
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Took a tumble down a bunch of stairs.
Think my shoes are trying to kill me... :paranoid:
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Did I just see a troll face stick figure steal my devart icon?
Or am I still half asleep?

In other news, Happy Mischief Making guys! :D
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Any tech savvy peeps out there?

My laptop has been suddenly getting Blue Screens of Death repeatedly: it blue screens, reboots, bluescreens again, reboots again, and blue screens some more.
If it's not rebooting, then it's freezing up, making me have to shut it down manually, only to have the vicious cycle restart all over again.
I cannot get into any of the safe modes, I do not have an installation CD, and I'm super scared that I will lose all my files, including all my digital drawings.

Note that I am not a computer person, in fact, computers tend to go all nasty on me.
I do not know everysingle detail about my laptop, given that it was a hand me down.
All I can tell you is that it's a pretty old HP laptop, running on Windows XP pro, and I'm suspicious that all this trouble got started when I downloaded the damn Windows XP service pack 3.

I do know some people who are tech savvy enough to help my problem, but if you have any tips or solutions that could be of any help to my plight, I would be really grateful!
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Let's Talk About Happy Things Now

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 15, 2011, 12:39 PM
Like Puppies.
and Rainbows.
and Brand New Tablets.

Thank You to everyone who took the time to motivate me.
I'm feeling in much higher spirits and I think I've got the motivation to have another go at it.
Sorry for being such a downer, but your words really mean a lot to me.
Thanks. :hug:

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Being Perpetually Sick Sucks Balls.

Wed Jan 12, 2011, 4:34 PM

I hate my crappy immune system. I'm tired of being tired. I'm sick of feeling sick, and icky, and basically being an unsightly moldy potato.
It's also getting to the point where it's eating into my already thin reserves of creativity.
In terms of being new and original, I'm dry to the bone.
And National Portfolio Day is this Saturday...

Can one develop a portfolio solely around illustrations? *muttermuttermutter*

It's probably just me being bitchy about commuting everyday from home to LA and back.
The studio I go to has mainly Koreans, and I feel so lost and left out sometimes being surrounded by people I technically should understand but I don't.

People use my art materials when I'm gone, and I'm too much of a doormat to grow some (metaphorical)balls and tell them to get their hands off my stuff.

Plus I've lost a wip painting that I was actually looking forward to making.
It wasn't even that polished, I've only been working on it for a week, but I poured a lot of myself into it, and I felt on the verge of creative comeback.
Now that it's gone, all that energy just shriveled up and died.

The only thing that fuels my creative streak is fanart, and it's not like I can turn those in for my portfolio.
And just the theme of my stuff, I'm very worried that it's too "cutesy" and shallow. There's no deep meaning, no enlightenment; just characters. Blank meaningless characters that no one else cares for, nor really should care for.

I know that this is going to sound like me being a bitch, but I just feel depressed and lost.
It really is silly how I'm beginning to have a somewhat existential crisis because of this.
I love drawing, I know that I want to do something amazing with it.
It's all I have that I can actually say I'm GOOD at. (yet in retrospect, I realize that I'm still at the very bottommost rungs of the ladder of artistic skill)
I really don't know what to do if I can't succeed in art.
The thought of it is very frightening.

But I just can't find something that says ME, that'll tell others THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I THINK.
All I have are paltry daydreams and a liking for sweet stories.

Maybe it's just because I don't like me. I do realize I can be a downer (as evident in this post) and am generally useless.
I'm going to be fucking 20 this year for crying out loud. What on earth am I doing?

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Fri Sep 24, 2010, 1:10 AM
Fuckin. Hate. Them.

Creepy little buggers, scary as hell especially when they're flying around the ceiling and shit, it's ten times worse having to squish them and hear their bodies crunch and their legs still twitching and THEY JUST WON"T DIE asdhfjlaksjdfhsadf...
dammit, GTFO my house you damn evil uglies! and all the rest of the insect kingdom stay out!!!!

(Still sick, and beginning to hate photoshop class and english comp. Textbooks are late in the mail, bringing down my grades, I'd probably have to ask for another extension for tuition payments, and personally some of the classes go way too fast for me to get a good handle on. That or i'm really that retarded. *sigh* )

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*sniffs* sick

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 21, 2010, 9:54 PM
ah yes, my old enemy the common cold, we meet again. :shakefist:
apparently, it isn't truly fall unless i catch sick. :sick:
holy baloney, my ears kept popping at different pressures, so now my head feels swollen and unbalanced.

stupid cold and stupid essays i have to write; i didn't sign up for art school to write essays you know! :shakefist:

other than my usual griping and moaning, I've gotten sucked into Team Fortress 2, no thanks to :iconfeedthepanda: .
yes, i know i'm waaay behind and probably missed the bandwagon, but point is I have been shown who is the boss and realized it's awesomeness.
Makes me wanna play so badly, but as usual i'm broooooke....
does anyone know where i can get a job? :innocent:

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School Daze

Wed Sep 1, 2010, 10:49 AM
Expiration Date:

sorry if i seem to disappear more than usual, it's my first week at my first year of college, and now experiencing nervousness and excitement rolled into one.
plus, my home computer's experiencing internet problems and i haven't got my school laptop yet. blargh.

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Thu Jul 29, 2010, 10:08 PM

Summer school's nearly over! :dance:
finally, time for me to go back to beloved fanarts!
still, i feel a little sad that it's coming to a close.
Unlike real summer schools, i actually learned stuff in the classes, important stuff like how to not screw up on anatomy, how to sharpen your charcoal pencil properly, how to shade a sphere, how to identify light sources, how to "guesstimate" sizes from your model to your paper, etc.
i had a great teacher and made lots of new friends, some of which are prowling round on devart. (you know who you peeps are! :blowkiss: )
all in all, a summer school that was actually fun! (shocking, i know! :O )
Monday will be the last day and we get to have our works reviewed and some shown in the school's gallery.
but the best part of all? A kneaded eraser sculpture contest!
any suggestions on what i should make? :D

Some other things that's happened so far in my summer:

painting decorations and tattoos for my church's VBS and carnival (ancient Egypt, squee!)
many thanks to :iconfeedthepanda: for helping me with the painting! :worship:

discovering Wakfu (i totally blame :iconfeedthepanda: for exposing me to this gem of a show, the animation is GORGEOUS)

finally getting past Duriel on Diablo 2 by spamming my Assassin's Shadow Warrior and sicing her on him.
yes yes i know i suck that i have trouble getting past a second Act boss for an 11 year old game, but in my defense the last time i played the game was when i was 9, and the game scared the bejeezus out of me back then. :|  plus my mom was and still is a stick in the mud when it comes to video games, so it's not like i have experience.

My second Anime Expo was a blast and has even got me contemplating on trying my hand at cosplaying
and thanks to :iconfeedthepanda: Revoltech Starscream is mine! :dance: he's currently being held in custody by my TFA Deluxe Bee and Henkei Bee. :D
speaking of henkei bee, I'm SO glad i got mine last year, since this year he practically doubled in price!
sad news is that the part that makes his car door/arm guard broke off :(
it's not too bad a break i think, just needs super glue, but i'm still sad and incredibly guilty that my Bee got injured (please don't tell Ratchet on me! D: )

playing War for Cybertron for the first time (with many thanks to :icontalon12321: for letting my play at his house, laughing at my many fails, and not minding me swearing like a sailor )
and hey, i actually did pretty well for a n00b who has never actually played on a PS2 before and on hard mode to boot! (except for the goddamn Brutes, those guys are a BITCH to kill! :shakefist: )
i loved how there's constant stream of shout outs to the G1 series wherever you go, and listening to some of the dialogue between the bots made me lol and squee as a happy fan. (i started the Autobot campaign first and got to the end-ish of the Prisoners of Kaon level)
Ro bro FTW! :w00t:

and just yesterday, watching the Epic Mickey trailers :jawdrop:
hot damn! my childhood just became even more EPIC!
It's wonderful to see Mickey back to his mischievous personality and showing just how badass "nice guys" can be!
This was what i had hoped Kingdom Hearts would be, but already in my mind, Epic Mickey is far superior!

phew, sorry for the spastic dump here! if you stuck with me and read all this, then enjoy a cookie! :iconcookie2plz:
and now that i've positively babbled myself silly,how have all you been enjoying your summers?
anything awesome happen?

In lieu of transfans, anyone play the new DLC for War for Cybertron yet?
is anyone excited about the new CGI Transformers series?
What about expectations for the next TF movie now that Shockwave's in the picture (and Megan Fox out? : )?
who's enjoying their copy of Allspark almanac 2? *glares at them enviously*

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science projects should die a horrible death
waste of money, waste of time, waste of sleep; esp if you're littlest sister enlisted your "help" (aka doing the dratted thing for her) THE NIGHT BEFORE IT WAS FRICKIN DUE.
guess who had to stay up all night trying to glue protons and neutrons together?

apparently, since i'm the "smart" sister, it gives her full rights to making me do her projects.
i have no qualms about helping her brainstorm, maybe help with some drawings, but no, she just plops requests into my lap and expects me to basically give her the idea with little effort on her part.
and when i tell her to use her brain (i know she has one) she complains that it's too hard and more often than not falls asleep at the desk.

this happens not just with projects, but with her homework as well. And whenever i try to keep tabs on just what she has for her homework, she tells me it's none of my business and proceeds to doodle when she thinks i'm not looking.
sometimes, i half wonder that had i not helped her, would she have gotten into the advanced classes?

*sigh* i really can't blame her though. i mean, i never was the shining model of a perfect student. Heck, i practically live the definition of procrastination.
makes me admire my mom even more for putting up with not just me, but two other sisters.

so yeah, this is just me being all bitchy now that my sleep cycle's all outta whack and i was forced to use my brain when i had practically shut it down since i graduated. I'll just get off my soapbox now and catch Z's... :sleep:

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19? what's so exciting about it?

Journal Entry: Mon May 24, 2010, 9:05 PM
so yeah, is mah birfday.
go me. :B

and i like to note that for the first time in my life i actually visited a legit comic book shop.
now i feel that i'm one step further into true geekdom. :giggle:

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